Plan Lodgement Process Information

  • Allow 10 Business days for a response to an application. To assist in a smoother turn around time, please only upload the required documents.
  • All applications require External Colours/Materials and preferably a colour sample page as well as site plan, floor plans and external elevations. For further information on documents required, please refer to the Design Guidelines specific for each estate.  Please remove internal colours/plans, detail plan pages, overshadowing and overlooking plans. You know your documentation better than we do, therefore, please provide the pages we need to assess only.

DAP Team


Belinda Blythe – Estate Design Approvals Officer

Hayley Down – Town Planner


Ryan Harvey – Estate Design Approvals Officer

Richard Chester – Estate Design Approvals Officer

  • Beveridge Williams phone (03) 9524 8888
  • Access to account issues? Please contact Belinda Blythe
  • Urgent questions can be emailed to Please allow up to 48 hours for a response

Ensure to place the Name of the Estate and the Lot number with address in the subject line of the email.

  • You will receive auto responses when applied and when assessed either rejected or approved. Not receiving your notification emails?  Check you have spelt your email correctly and Please check your spam/junk folder or your internal IT department. Check your Dashboard for a response prior to contacting us.
  • Have you been requested to input data? For the House type, please place the Name of the house type and the name of the facade. example; (House Facade) Canterbury Grand Sherwood. If you don't have a name for your house, please call it Custom as we request the level type in a separate field. 
  • Having trouble lodging an application? Ensure your PDF is less than 10MB and does not have any signature fields etc, it must be a flattened document. If putting in data, try removing the decimal and rounding up to the nearest whole number. Try Logging out and trying again. It may have timed out or had the connection severed. Use a different browser such as Google Chrome
  • If you are having further troubles, please screen shot the message you receive and send it to the email address above so that it can be investigated by our team.
  • Have your Colours/Materials or Plans changed? Start a new application, select revised application and ensure to note the changes that have occurred, you will need to provide the documents that have changed only.