Orana - Balcon Group Vic

The DAP team have up to 10 business days to respond to your application. 

Landscaping; Front landscaping for lots within the Orana Estate is provided, via LD Total Landscaping, as a package with the land. Please have your client check with the land sales consultant. Landscaping is not required to be submitted if they have it part of their land sale.

Design Guidelines; Fencing Update; The Lysaght CustomScreen is not available, the acceptable alternative is the Lysaght NeetaScreen.

Along with site, floor and elevation plans, the lodgement requires external colours and materials to be submitted, the guidelines are in the process of being updated.

Suburb; Stages 24, 25, 26 are located in Clyde, the rest of the stages are Clyde North.

The following Developer requirement notations must be on the plans;
To further assist in the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, dwellings are to provide well-ventilated spaces. 
Home designs are required to utilise water efficient fixtures and appliances.
• Showerheads that use less than 7.5 litres per minute.
• Taps to bathrooms, kitchen and laundry that use less than 6 litres per minute.
• A dishwasher with a water consumption of less than or equal to 14 litres per use.
• A washing machine with a water consumption of less than 110 litres per use

Fencing Profiles have now changed to Neeta Screen, please update your standard drafting notations.


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